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Amb. Bash to roll out season two of his hit show, Afro Zone

Radio and television Presenter Mohamed Basiru Sanusi known as Ambassador Bash is to restart his youth and entertainment show called Afro zone. Afro Zone is the radio and television show which hosts individuals from several sectors to exhibit professional opinions of their fields in a lighthearted manner, to communicate simple solutions affecting their sectors.

The first season of the show which ended in September of last year had focused on change making personalities, mostly youths, who probed social issues and proffer solutions based on their profession and personal experiences.

Speaking to this medium, Amb. Bash stated that the nine month interval had been used to focus on other career activities, which are now stabilized enough to create time for revamping of AfroZone, a seemingly public favourite.

The program will be aired on Afriradio, commencing on Wednesday 7th June for two weeks before electioneering activities, with a two weeks lull for elections and continuing every Wednesday after that.


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