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APC Diaspora donates Four Hundred Million Leones to elected representatives

The Diaspora 6th Region in collaboration with the Global 500 fundraising Initiative+ has donated four hundred thousand Leones(400,000,000) to their elected national representatives.

The money was sent as part to the All People Congress (APC) Emergency Relief Funds, to be disbursed at party headquarters to Councilors, district Chairpersons and Members of Parliament who were elected in the election of June 24th and had adhered to their party’s decision to abstain from national governance, over grievances relating to the results of those elections.

A portion of this amount has been used to purchase fifty-two bags of rice which has already been handed over to the leadership of the party, to be shared along with the money.

Here's the video of the handing over of the bags of rice, subscribe to the YouTube channel whilst watching:

Currently the African Union, ECOWAS and Commonwealth are mediating dialogue between the government and the opposition, APC and the outcome of these talks will determine the course of politics, political participation and governance.

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