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Comedian Pee Wiz becomes signed brand Ambassador of IVM

Nabieu Morie, also known as Team Spoon, a popular reality TV star and comedian, has recently signed a six-month ambassadorial deal with Iye Martha Vacuum (IVM). The company, which specializes in carpet and mattress cleaning services, among other domestic cleaning solutions, has chosen Nabieu as their brand influencer due to his impressive talent and strong reputation as a content creator.

After his excellent exhibition of talent in the House of Stars Season One reality TV show, Nabieu has become one of the most influential personalities in the entertainment industry. With IVM's motto of "Breathe Healthy," Nabieu's partnership with the company is expected to influence its products, services, and brand positively.

IVM offers specialized services in the area of cleaning and hygiene, which are critical to promoting healthy living and preventing the spread of diseases. Nabieu's ability to connect with his audience and promote healthy living aligns with IVM's goals and values, making him the ideal candidate for the brand ambassador role.

The ambassadorial deal between Nabieu and IVM is anticipated to be beneficial for both parties, as it will promote the brand's products and services while also enhancing Nabieu's reputation as a content creator.


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