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Commonwealth: Observation Report

The Commonwealth Observer mission, the African Union Election Observation Mission and the ECOWAS election Observers held a joint press conference today Monday 26th June, to present their preliminary findings relating to the June 25th elections conducted.

In the nine pager document, the immediate past Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osinbago, leading the Commonwealth, outlined among other concerns, the observation that there is a lack of clarity around the actual tallying process, leading to accusations of lack of transparency.

The group notes that further observation will inform their final report but urge the electoral commission to exercise maximum transparency and publish tabulated results to allow for cross verification and better acceptance of the result.

The group expressed their concern over the announcement of election results from political parties and appealed to all political parties and supporters to allow the electoral commission to execute their full mandate, as the only authorized results declaring body.

The group included findings before and during the election day and recommendations for future conduct of elections, especially on voter education and transparency.


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