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Cricket Sierra Leone Head Coach Kenneth Masinga, turns attention to developing School Cricket

The head Coach of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association Kenneth Masinga has disclosed that the full implementation of the International Cricket Council's Scorecard will monumentally enhance Sierra Leone's School Cricket development in the Country.

Kenneth, made this disclosure during a rigourous training session with some of the Female players at the Prince of Wales School Cricket Oval.

He maintained that positives from the scorecard are expected to be replicated once the stage is set for International Competition, as that is the surest way of transforming the game.

The recent success of the Female team in Nigeria is not unconnected to the many strides the SLCA is making to reach major milestones in growing the game.

The South African trainer also applauded the Cricket Sierra Leone and its many partners for their unwavering support to the Coaches, players and administrators alike as they pulled through tough times to proudly represent the Nation.

As for the players they sounded super optimist , while gaining match requirements and improving their skills , techniques in bowling for subsequent Competitions.

Many of the players also appreciated Kenneth Masinga and Sarah Johnson for the concerted effort they put in daily at the Prince of Wales School training centre.

According to the SLCA Media, Cricket is in 117 Secondary schools around the country and that was the more reason why they want to target all 958 Secondary schools in the country by the close of 2023.

As for Cricket Sierra Leone they now remain hopeful to take on other teams in both the South Africa and Rwanda qualifiers.


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