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De Master's Will Beauty Empire officially opened for Business & Teaching

De Master’s Will Beauty Empire, a state-of-the-art unisex salon and spa, officially opened its doors at Lumley Aberdeen Beach Road over the weekend. The grand opening was attended by influencers and prominent personalities in Sierra Leone.

The CEO and proprietor, Obai Bai Bangura, said that the establishment had been a dream of his for 25 years, but that he had been apprehensive about realizing it due to life incidents such as the loss of both parents. He added that he had started a small cosmetic business in town as a way to earn a living and honor his parents' memory.

Bangura went on to say that he never thought he could own a cosmetology school until he met Prophet Margaret Brandon, who advised him to start his own business. He said that he is grateful to God for all that He has done in his life.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Mrs. Francess Algahali, said in her statement that the CEO is a visionary who is diligent and has personal interaction with his clients, taking care of both their beauty and well-being.

Isata Deborah Kanneh, a recent graduate of De Master’s Will and Beauty Empire, expressed her appreciation to Mr. Bangura, who trained her and whom she has worked for for 9 years before starting her own business. She commended Mr. Bangura to be a God fearing and fair Boss who contributed immensely to her life’s growth.

The edifice was blessed by Prophetess Margaret Brandon and the ribbon was cut by the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank, Dr. Ekudayo Gilpin.


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