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Exclusive: Kings Empire says over half of printed forms for House of Stars have been sold

In an exclusive interview with this platform, Valentine King, Chief Executive Officer of Kings Empire, has disclosed that over half of the printed application forms for the House of Stars show have been sold since the show's launch on July 21, 2023.

CEO Val explained that his team is pleased with the turnout and is hopeful that the remaining forms will all be sold in the next two weeks. He elaborated that of the total number of printed forms, over half have been sold as of this morning, August 2, 2023.

He mentioned the surprising reception of the concept of a reality show for stars, even without much information, which could be attributed to the attached prizes of a three bedroomed house, a car and a cash amount of one hundred million old leones. To alleviate the above mentioned information gap, he committed to releasing in-depth details in the upcoming days.

Outlining worries and challenges so far, CEO Val said that the calls from neighboring countries for possibilities of participating are increasing daily, but he is still apprehensive to include them at this time. However, he pointed out that criteria for possible participation will be released this week, to also allay concerns of Sierra Leonean citizens.

He also mentioned that some applicants have submitted their filled forms, but a small percentage are failing to completely fill the forms, while the writing of others is ineligible to start with.

He concluded by saying that wears for aspiring entrants and some select partners are now available and have been distributed at sales points along with the forms, forming a package.


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