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Exclusive: Rapper Swadu reveals details of her upcoming album, “Freetown’s Finest”

Rapper Natasha Beckley, known professionally as Swadu, has revealed that her highly anticipated album is complete and will be released soon.

Swadu, who has been working on the album for a year, says it has been finished since September of last year but was held back due to timing and last-minute details. She revealed that her only challenge is deciding which songs will make the cut due to the high quality and variety of the tracks, but it will likely have twelve songs.

She explained that this album is a natural progression from her last album, "Freetown the Recipe," and that it will feature a variety of rap songs with some of Africa's best artists, including Vector, Harmonize, D'jani Alfa, Casanova 2x, and Flame Diggy.

The controversial female rapper is currently in the midst of one of her busiest schedules and is expected to be even busier with upcoming shows in Dubai, Germany, and Gambia.

"Freetown's Finest" is set to be released in this year, 2023.


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