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First Lady Fatima Bio calls for stringent actions on Gender-Based Violence in New York

First lady Madam Fatima Bio at the First Annual Free Future 2023: Preventing Gender Violence Around the World" in New York, on the 14th September, has impressed on major stakeholders in advocacy, the need for revamped actions to mitigate the scourge of gender based violence.

Madam Bio, who was in America for the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, was attending this event hosted by the Ford Foundation in partnership with the Government of the United Kingdom.

Using her “Hands off our Girls” project, she explained how focusing on such a sensitive issue had shed much needed attention for the understanding of all demographics, impacting a transformation equating years in one swoop.

She continued that her work had tuned up conversations on a grander scale equating to years worth, including other sensitive issues, civically educating the endangered themselves, such as menstruation, which were previously surrounded by stigma and silence, thereby destigmatizing them to aid the stance towards eradication.

She remarked that treaties previously signed should be localized and solidified by the devising of policies and legislation to address gender-based violence on a global scale.

By sharing the success of the "Hands Off Our Girls" campaign and her efforts in spearheading UN resolutions, she has ignited a global movement to protect women and girls from gender-based violence.

The First Lady's passionate plea for the United States to step up and address the global scourge of sexual violence further emphasizes the need for international cooperation and leadership in combating this issue.


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