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Hon. Ibrahim Bundu says that the current political impasse challenges the survival of the country

Former Member of Parliament of Port Loko district from 2007-2018, Hon. Ibrahim Rassin Bundu in an exclusive interview with this medium has said that a peaceful resolution of the current political tension involving the abstinence of the All People’s Congress Party from all governance matters, requires the leadership of an individual capable of majorly sacrificing and compromising for societal good.

The Honorable was responding to questions on the current happening in the country, specifically relating to members of Parliament of the APC not participating in Parliamentary activities and its impact on democracy and national development.

Hon. Bundu described the current impasse as Post Election Anxiety Disorder(PEADS), a normal occurrence in the aftermath of electioneering activities involving incumbency. He explained that the outcome and duration of PEADS is dependent on the leadership style adopted and implemented, narrating a similar threat of boycotting, tabled by the Sierra Leone People’s Party members in 2018, mediated and resolved by a major sacrifice of President Koroma.

Commenting on the recent Visa ban on certain individuals by the United States of America, he described it as justifiable. He explained that based on the long standing bilateral relationship of the US in Sierra Leone, they possess a vested interest in ensuring the safety and stability within the country, which they perceived as threatened by events and perception of the elections, which precipitated these actions of ban and delays to the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact.

He expounded that Visas of such countries are used in negotiations such as this, to leverage the outcome in their favor and the possible halt or delay in the MCC compact are a continuation of that, based on the perception of a breach of a significant conditionality attached to it, which was the conduct of a free and fair elections.

He cautioned that the United States is part of international partnerships that could be influenced by their recent decisions against Sierra Leone.

Hon. Bundu commented that mediations had been had with both the All People’s Congress and the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone before the commencement of these actions, without success.

Hon. Bundu concluded with a warning that current impasse challenges the survival of the country and advised patriotism over politicking and political gimmick, a discardment of distrust and double standards to prevent a disengagement of the people’s loyalty.


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