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Hon. Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu says tariff harmonization in West Africa is stalled by lack of synergy between States 

The Honorable Ikpeazu, in an exclusive interview granted to our correspondent subsequent to a seminar conducted by the ECOWAS Parliament in Sierra Leone, highlighted the imperative need for increased collaboration between the Parliament's organs, primarily between the executive branches of the respective nations.

Despite the willingness of the Parliament to tackle the thorny issue of tariff harmonization, which has been a persistent concern in both previous and current ECOWAS parliaments, the Honorable Ikpeazu emphasized the critical role of the executive branches in accepting such a proposition, a step that requires the strengthening of cooperative efforts.

Furthermore, the Honorable Ikpezu addressed the burgeoning phenomenon of artificial intelligence on a global scale. While acknowledging its potential benefits in areas such as transportation, medicine, education, and production, she expressed her concerns regarding the impact on young people, particularly in terms of fostering apathy and mental deterioration.

She advocated for a more comprehensive understanding of the field and a conscious balancing act during the adaptation of new technologies in Africa.

Here's the link to watch the interview:


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