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MNA's Pan African Master Class Tour Unveils 3-Day Training in Sierra Leone

spectacular Touch Event CEO Hydara Sheriff highlighted the long standing partnership between MNA's Pan African Master Class Tour and Sierra Leone, which dates back over 7 years, at a recent media briefing. However, this collaboration faced challenges due to the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michaella from Kemon Event warmly welcomed the hosts to Sierra Leone, expressing enthusiasm for the immense opportunity presented through this master class. She emphasized the potential for mutual growth and development by tapping into the collective knowledge and skills of participants.

Speaking about the genesis of the master class, Mosunmola Nichole Akinwamide, CEO of MNA's Pan African Master Class Tour, explained that the idea took root in 2019 when she attended an event in Kenya. Recognizing an opportunity to add more value, Akinwamide embarked on a mission to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across Africa. The inaugural session will start in Sierra Leone before proceeding to Cameroon and other countries.

Akinwamide underscored that the primary goal of the master class is not financial gain but rather the quest to share expertise and educate Africa. The structure of the program incorporates both practical and theoretical components, with a strategic focus on fostering an eco-continental meet and greet platform to explore further opportunities. The first day of the program will be exclusively practical, while the following two days will feature a mix of practical and theoretical sessions. Students can expect comprehensive training on event planning, decoration, and other relevant areas.

Akinwamide assured attendees that the internationally recognized certificates issued upon completion of the master class will open doors to global opportunities, as they are affiliated with the International Association of Professional Colleges. To conclude the training, a glamorous gala night will showcase the participants' skills, allowing them to shine in their finest attire.

The master class will accommodate a limited number of students, ranging from 15 to 20 participants. Classes will run from 10am to 4pm daily on the third floor of City Hall in Freetown. The scheduled dates for the Sierra Leone session are October 12-14, followed by Cameroon from October 18-20, Uganda from October 24-26, and Accra on November 9-10 followed by other dates that will be announced subsequently.


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