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Mogbwemo Queens Defeat Sierra Leone Female All Stars in a Friendly Encounter

Mogbwemo Queens, the champions of the first ever Female Premier League in Sierra Leone, defeated Sierra Leone Female All Stars 1-0 in a friendly match on Saturday at the Koidu town Field in Kono District. The match was a workout for Sierra Leone's upcoming Olympic qualifiers against Ivory Coast from the 10-18 July 2023 in a doubleheader fashion.

The winner for both legs will face Tunisia in the 2nd round of the qualifiers.

The match was a close contest, with both teams creating chances. Mogbwemo Queens eventually won the match thanks to a goal from M. Barrie in the 78th minute.

Barrie got past the defenders on the left flank and fired a low shot past the goalkeeper.

The match was played in front of a large crowd of fans, who were treated to a hard-fought contest.

The weather conditions were calmly conducive, as both teams played with energy and determination.

The coaches of both teams expressed their pleasures with the performance of their players.

Adama Suma , the coach of Mogbwemo Queens, said that she was happy with the way her team played, and she was confident that her players are ready to retain their championship if a date were to be announced tomorrow.

Hassan Malik Mansaray, the coach of Sierra Leone Female All Stars, said that his team was disappointed with the loss, but he was proud of the way they played.

The match was a good advertisement for women's football in Sierra Leone. The fans were enthusiastic and supportive, and the players gave their all.

The match was a sign that women's football is on the rise in Sierra Leone, and it is hoped that the upcoming Olympic qualifiers will be a further boost for the sport.


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