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Musician Abizzy and wife Amy "are pregnant" with their first child

Musician Abdul Bangura and wife Amy have today revealed that they are expecting their first child after years of marriage.

The Musician took to social Media today to reveal pregnancy photos of Amy and to praise her for being amazing at all times including now in her pregnancy.

He refered to her as the source of his peace of mind and direction at all time.

He exclusively revealed to this medium that they have always wanted a child but were more focused on setting certain things up before expanding the family.

He told us that with the purchase of their house late last year, they both felt it was time to start trying for a child and they ended up being lucky.

He refrained from disclosing the gender of the child but states that the birth will be soon.

This is not his first child but he is excited to be doing it for the first time with the woman he loves and who he says has been his happiness for a long while now


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