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Musicians Kao Denero and Fantacee Wiz publicly send shots at each other during mental health talks

The feud began yesterday when musician FynFace expressed his struggles with depression, comparing himself to recently deceased Nigerian musician Mohbad. FynFace lamented the lack of support from fellow entertainers and the public, which elicited messages of support and advice.

One such message was from current entertainment ambassador Kao Denero, who used his own experiences with hate and discord from colleagues and the public to encourage FynFace. However, this prompted a backlash from folksinger Fantacee Wiz, who accused the ambassador of being a narcissist who always makes everything about himself.

Kao Denero then made a post about a witch hating him because of his success, which many interpreted as a dig at Fantacee Wiz, who has long been open about her connection to witchcraft and the spiritual.

However, hours later, Fantacee Wiz made a post accusing someone of invading her privacy by entering her home and taking pictures of her child. She also made a post about threats made against her, but did not provide any evidence.

The feud between Kao Denero and Fantacee Wiz, which didn't start today is ongoing, and it is unclear when or if it will end.

Kao Denero has since announced as a further action to help FynFace, he will be appointing him as the Chairman of the organizing committee of his upcoming consultative national entertainment conference.


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