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Opening of the Sixth Parliament Signals New Chapter for Sierra Leone

The President also highlighted the various strategic policy interventions and investments made by the government, including efforts to bolster local food production, create job opportunities, and improve the livelihoods of public servants. He said that these initiatives were carefully designed to shield the people of Sierra Leone from the adverse effects of the global shocks.

The President expressed deep gratitude to the citizens for their resilience and unwavering support during these challenging times. He concluded his address by expressing optimism for the future and reaffirming the government's unwavering commitment to the betterment of the nation and its citizens.

With the opening of the Sixth Parliament, a new chapter begins in the journey of Sierra Leone, characterized by unity, progress, and a shared vision for a prosperous future. As the nation embarks on this new chapter, the President called upon the Members of Parliament to prioritize the interests of the people above all else and to engage in constructive dialogue and cooperation. By working together, transcending political differences, and seeking common ground, the leaders of Sierra Leone can pave the way for inclusive growth, social harmony, and sustainable development.

The President's address sets the tone for the forthcoming parliamentary sessions, highlighting the importance of collaboration and unity in order to address the pressing challenges facing the nation. With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone commences its work, carrying the hopes and aspirations of the Sierra Leonean people into the future.

It remains to be seen how a modicum of this will be achieved with the absence of the opposition Members of Parliament, save one.


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