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Over a Dozen State's Security Personnel declared wanted & involved in foiled coup

The government of Sierra Leone has announced suspected persons who they believe had a part in the recent breach of the Wilberforce barracks armory and the breakout of close to two thousand prisoners on Sunday 26th November 2023.

In an updated wanted list, twenty-eight names have been declared of former and currently serving personnel of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed forces and the Sierra Leone Police in varied ranks including Captains, Majors, Sergeants and Assistant Inspector General. The list also had a Former member of the executive arm of government, a Deputy Minister Ibrahim Mansaray.

Whilst government officials have declared this as meeting the threshold of and therefore an attempted failed coup, they have also confirmed the arrest of thirteen (13) serving military personnel and one civilian.

They have also revealed that two vehicles of the ammunition carted away have been recovered containing rocket-propelled grenades(RPG) and bombs.

Of a total of two thousand and thirteen escaped prisoners from both Pademba Correctional and Special Court prison, one hundred and seventy-eight have voluntarily returned to the prisons.

Authorities are encouraging citizens to provide any intelligence that could lead to the apprehension of alleged coupists and escaped prisoners turned fugitives, including a monetary reward of fifty million Leones and ten million leones respectively.

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Ms. M. T-K
Ms. M. T-K
Nov 29, 2023

Great reporting, as always, Sarah. We can always count on you to bring us the latest credible information. Thank you!

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