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Presidential candidates call for calm before announcement of results

Sierra Leone’s multi-tier elections conducted on June 24th 2023 had thirteen Presidential candidates on the ballot papers but with endorsement by these parties for the Sierra Leone People’s Party and All people’s Congress party respectively, the two main party became the only focus for locals and international bodies.

These top candidates are Dr. Julius Maada Bio and Dr. Samura Kamara and they have issued messages addressing the election and the people who voted.

The presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s party who’s also incumbent President Dr. Julius Maada Bio, after casting his votes, encouraged people to return home and wait for the announcement of official results from the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone.

In a short interview at the centre, remarked that his fate remains unknown as only the Electoral Commission possess that mandate to declare a winner.

He further tweeted a thankful note to the Sierra Leonean people for adhering to this year’s slogan for “Saful” elections, a demonstration of the resilience of the nation’s citizens.

Dr. Samura Kamara, the Presidential Candidate of the All People’s Congress party, after casting his vote, thanked the people for exercising their constitutional right and further called for transparency in the counting and announcing of election results.

Dr. Kamara later tweeted commendation for the Sierra Leonean people whose participation ensures the continuation of democracy.

The tallying of results from polling centres continues today at regionally offices to be forwarded to the Freetown International Conference Centre where various electoral bodies, including the electoral Commission has set up situational hubs.


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