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Rapper De Bills accuse entertainment players of shunning him

Rapper De Bills, real name Ibrahim Sawaneh has accused fellow entertainers and the media of shunning him, in trying to ostracize him from the music industry. He attributes this to recent biffs with other entertainers who are considered untouchable.

De Bills, who has released two tracks recently, alluded to interference with DJs and bloggers to suppress his music. However, he claims that these efforts have been unsuccessful.

De Bills, who was formerly associated with rapper Kao Denero, released a diss track against rapper Amadu Bah, known as Laj, titled "tolon pepper" in the wake of public outcry over Laj's arrest and barbing while in detention. This was the culmination of other beefs with other stars.

In the past months, De Bills has released "Free Lawyer," a song that is considered to be well-written and produced. His post may be in response to backlash from other rappers about his diss track against Nasser Ayoub, Laj, and others. While the song has its lyrical merits, many are condemning the use of invectives against the artists' female relatives.

This outrage has led to further diss responses from other up-and-coming artists who believe he crossed a line by attacking their families, even though hip-hop culture allows for biffs.


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