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RFM makes serious accusations of harassment and violations of Laj's rights

The red flag movement record label, in charge of the affairs of Rapper Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as King Boss Laj, has publicly accused prison officials of harassment at the behest of authorities.

The rapper's management made the allegations on his behalf in a post on his Facebook page, narrating situations of unscheduled searches, hospitals trips from complications brought on by neglect of health complaints and more.

The prompting incident is explained as relating to his social media postings which had given rise to suspicions of the musician being in possession of a mobile phone in prison.

The post explained that the rapper's social media accounts are being actively managed by his team in order to promote his career while he is serving his sentence.

A follow-up post went as far as to allege possible assassination attempts against the rapper in the near future.

Laj is currently serving a nine-year sentence for robbery, assault, and other related offenses.

The allegations have not been independently verified.


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