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RideAfrique Champion Fatima Deborah Conteh Prepares For Third Edition

Fatima Deborah Conteh who won the second edition of the RideAfrique Accra Criterium in Ghana on the 16th of April 2022 has begun preparation to retain her title for the top cycling race in Ghana.

In readiness to reclaim her championship, Fatima cycles to Aberdeen beach with her colleagues to train and perfect her skills, fully focused on winning the top prize again.

Fatima Deborah Conteh is that one Female Cycling Champion who has made a mark in the discipline despite the many challenges she and other athletes face in realizing their aspirations in sport, coming from Sierra Leone.

According to her, the notion that cycling is meant for men has to be changed and that is the key reason why she has decided to launch her own Club to advocate for the massive involvement of women in the sport.

Fatima rides on the Street of Freetown with huge ambition to attract women who are willing to join the discipline, break new grounds and constantly challenging themselves in a competitive field to do more.

Fatima says her vision is to make women’s cycling exciting and inspire women to reach in for the stars.

Fatima says she is ready for the RideAfrique Accra Criterion in Ghana this month to give the Ghanaians an unprecedented run for their money.


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