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Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association Meets National Sports Authority Ahead of World Championship

In a gathering held this day, the Sierra Leone Dodge ball Association convened a meeting with Mr. Steven Kiefala, the Director of Participation and Sustainable Sports at the National Sports Authority.

This meeting, which transpired at the prestigious Signal Hill in Freetown, signifies a pivotal moment for the advancement of dodgeball within the nation.

Led by Mr. Abdul Kassim Tejan, President of the Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association, the primary objective of the meeting was to ascertain the eligibility of the selected players who will have the honor of representing Sierra Leone in the forthcoming World Dodgeball Championship, which will be held in the renowned city of Graz, Austria.

Discussions focused on ensuring strict adherence to the international standards and regulations governing participation in the esteemed championship. Topics covered included player qualifications, logistical arrangements, and the provision of various forms of support to facilitate the team's journey to this global sporting event.

Mr. Steven Kiefala, the Director of the National Sports Authority, extended his sincere commendations to the Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association for their tireless efforts in promoting the sport and fostering a culture of excellence among its athletes.

He emphasized the paramount importance of providing the necessary resources and support to ensure the national team's success on the international stage.

Both parties expressed a shared commitment to advancing the development of dodgeball in Sierra Leone and pledged to collaborate closely to facilitate the participation of the nation's top players in the esteemed World Dodgeball Championship.

As preparations intensify, the esteemed Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association National Coach, Mr. Umar George, along with the selected players, exude an unwavering confidence in the team's capabilities.

They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness the team's spirited and determined performance on the global stage, where they will undoubtedly showcase their exceptional skills and sportsmanship.


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