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Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association Meets with Minister of Sports to Discuss Development of the Sport

The Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association (SLDBA) met with Minister of Sports Augusta James Teima on Tuesday to discuss the development of the sport in the country.

SLDBA President Abdul Kassim Tejan briefed the minister on the association's activities, including the establishment of a national dodgeball league and plans to send a team to the African Dodgeball Championship in Morocco later this year.

Minister Teima expressed her support for the SLDBA and its goals and assured of her commitment to providing the necessary resources to help the association develop the sport of dodgeball in Sierra Leone.

"Dodgeball is a great sport that can benefit people of all ages and abilities and I am excited to see the SLDA's work to promote the sport and to provide opportunities for all Sierra Leoneans to participate."

The SLDBA is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2022 with the goal of promoting the sport of dodgeball in Sierra Leone and to providing opportunities for all people to participate, especially women and girls.

The African Dodgeball Championship is a biennial tournament organized by the African Dodgeball Federation.

The SLDBA is confident that it can field a competitive team for the African Dodgeball Championship. The association has been training hard and is committed to representing Sierra Leone with pride.

The SLDBA is grateful for the support of Minister Teima and the Ministry of Sports. The association is confident that with their support, dodgeball can become a popular sport in Sierra Leone.


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