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Sierra Leone Karate Federation progresses six places upward in African Rankings

The Sierra Leone Karate Federation (SLKF) has made significant progress, rising from its previous position of 15th to a commendable 9th place in the most recent African karate rankings. This remarkable achievement was earned through the federation's impressive performance at the 2023 Africa Games held in Ghana.

This exceptional jump of six positions reflects the dedication and talent of Sierra Leone's karate athletes and coaches.

The SLKF's accomplishment stands as a testament to the growing strength and vitality of karate in the nation and is a source of immense pride for Sierra Leone.

Moreover, the achievements of the Sierra Leonean karate team at the Africa Games represent a significant step forward in raising the profile of Sierra Leone on the international stage.

In conclusion, this news serves to highlight the remarkable strides that Sierra Leone is making in the realm of karate on the African continent.


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