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Sierra Leone’s Foreign Policy: An Effort in Boosting International Diplomacy

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Timothy Musa Kabba during the government’s weekly press briefing highlighted Sierra Leone’s foreign policy and international diplomacy efforts.

Minister Kabba emphasized that Sierra Leone’s foreign policy, as outlined in Chapter 10 of the 1991 constitution, is dedicated to protecting and promoting national interests, as well as actively participating in the international community and multilateral organizations.

Furthermore, he revealed President Bio’s commitment to championing the African Common Goal at the United Nations Security Council, advocating for two permanent seats for Africa and an additional two seats in the non-permanent category.

In addition to these initiatives, Sierra Leone has expressed support for the two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestine dispute. With regards the withdrawal of Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso from ECOWAS, Minister Kabba highlighted the organization’s dedication to engaging with these countries to address their concerns and ensure their continued involvement in the community.

Highlighting positive developments, Hon. Mohamed Bangura, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament, noted that officials are now enjoying increased opportunities for postings in foreign embassies. These updates underscore Sierra Leone’s proactive approach to foreign policy and its diplomatic efforts in the international arena.


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