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Sierra Leone's governance standards surpasses other African nations, says Sheriff, APRM’s Secretary

The Executive Secretary of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) National Secretariat in Freetown, Mohamed Shisu Sheriff, has said that Sierra Leone is now favorably positioned within the APRM framework's political, economic, and governance Benchmarks, a key achievement of President Julius Maada Bio during his tenure as the immediate past Chairman of the APRM Forum of Heads of State and Government.

The APRM's mandate is to ensure that participating states adhere to agreed political, economic, and corporate governance values, codes, and standards outlined in the Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic, and Corporate Governance.

Sheriff noted Sierra Leone's significant role within the APRM review process, particularly under President Bio's leadership. He underscored President Bio's contribution to the growth of APRM membership during his tenure, stating that the membership increased from about 20 to 23 members to 44 under President Bio's leadership.

Moreover, Sheriff commended President Bio's commitment to democratic governance and his willingness to subject himself and Sierra Leone to APRM scrutiny, even in the face of challenges experienced by the APRM National Secretariat. He also highlighted the essential role played by Minister Amara Kallon as the APRM Chairperson focal point, emphasizing Sierra Leone's positions within the APRM.

Sheriff acknowledged budgetary challenges faced by the APRM National Secretariat, including outstanding rent payments. He assured that efforts are underway to overcome these challenges sustainably, although the timeline for resolution is uncertain due to resource constraints and the need to engage the Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders for support.

In a meeting with the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Political Affairs and Public Administration, Sheriff candidly communicated the Secretariat's challenges, expressing a commitment to address them while seeking support from lawmakers to ensure the Secretariat's effectiveness.

In addition to addressing the achievements and challenges, Sheriff informed about the measures taken to enhance staff productivity, such as providing every staff member with working laptop computers and internet access.


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