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SLFA Youth Football Coordinator Pays Knowledge-Gaining Visit to Accra, Ghana

SLFA Youth Football Coordinator Alimammy Kurish Conteh paid a productive knowledge-seeking visit to Accra, Ghana on Saturday, September 2, 2023. The meeting was seen by both parties as a giant step toward fostering collaboration and development within the youth football sector.

At the meeting, Conteh and the Chairman of Ghanaian Youth Football Gabriel Godwin Kwao discussed various strategies and initiatives aimed at nurturing young talent, promoting fair play, and creating a conducive environment for the growth of youth football in Ghana and Sierra Leone. They exchanged ideas on how to enhance coaching programs, provide better facilities, and implement effective player development pathways.

The two sides also discussed the importance of collaboration between Ghana and Sierra Leone. They agreed that by sharing resources and expertise, the two countries can help each other to improve the quality of youth football in Africa.

Conteh expressed his gratitude to the Chairman for his support and commitment to the development of youth football. He said that the meeting was a valuable opportunity to learn from Ghana's experience and to develop a roadmap for the future of youth football in Sierra Leone.

The meeting was a testament to the dedication of both Conteh and the Chairman of Ghanaian Youth Football in nurturing the next generation of footballers.


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