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SLPP ask government to improve security situation after the assassination of ASP Gbanya

The Sierra Leone People’s Party in a press release dated 11th April 2023 has condemned the killing of ASP Gbanya by an unknown shooter in Makeni.

The party described the killing as a heinous act of violence and calls on the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

ASP Martin Moiwah Gbanya, according to the press release, was a dedicated and committed police officer who served his country with honor and distinction. His “untimely death” they noted , is a great loss to the Sierra Leone Police Force and the entire nation.

The SLPP urged all Sierra Leoneans to remain calm and cooperate with the police in their efforts to maintain law and order in the country.

The Party who's incidentally the ruling party, also calls on the government security apparatuses to take urgent steps to improve the security situation in the country and provide adequate protection for all citizens, especially those in vulnerable communities.

The Sierra Leone People’s Party reaffirms its commitment to the rule of law and the protection of human rights, and stands in solidarity with the Sierra Leone Police Force in their efforts to maintain peace and stability in the country.

The Party also further called on all political parties and stakeholders to work together in promoting national unity and cohesion, and to reject all forms of violence and extremism.

The SLPP expresses its deepest sympathies to the family of ASP Martin Moiwah Gbanya and assures them of its unwavering support during this difficult time.


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