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Young athlete hunts for equipment to train for Olympic run

Long-distance runner Abubakarr Turay, determined to represent Sierra Leone in the upcoming Olympic Games, is facing challenges in obtaining equipment to aid his training.

Turay, who is 23 years old, grew up in a small village in Sierra Leone and started running at a young age, showing promise. However, he has faced many challenges in his pursuit of athletics greatness, specifically logistics of it.

Turay is faced with the challenge of proper training facilities and equipment and is on the hunt for a sponsor to eliminate his current pattern of training on dirt roads, on bare feet.

Despite these challenges, Turay says he has never given up on his dream of competing in the Olympics.

He has won several national championships in long-distance running in Sierra Leone, hence his confidence that he can qualify for the Olympics.

Turay's is hoping to inspire others by achieving his own dreams by sheer hard work and dedication.


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