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Position Paper Submitted to Members of Parliament by Two Hundred Civil Society Organizations Seeking Elimination of One Toll Gate Along Masiaka Highway

On Monday, March 18, 2024, approximately two hundred civil society organizations, led by Edmond Abu, presented a five-point position paper to the Chairman and Clerk of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Works and Public Assets, acting on behalf of the citizens of Sierra Leone.

Among their demands, the civil society organizations requested that one of the three toll gates along the Wellington Masiaka Highway be removed, that the agreement be reviewed in accordance with the provisions of Article 22.15, and that CRSG vacate all blockades they have created on and around the three alternative routes.

Additionally, they called for an immediate independent investigation, an independent engineer, and an auditor's report on the agreement, emphasizing the opposition of citizens and civil society organizations to any fee increases and urging that the existing fees be maintained until a thorough investigation is completed.

The position paper was received by Hon. Bashiru Silkie, Deputy Leader of Government Business and Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Works and Public Assets, in his office at the Parliament Building in Tower Hill, Freetown.

Notwithstanding the submission of the position paper, it remains uncertain whether and when the proposed fee increase will be presented to Parliament for ratification and whether the proposal will remain in its current form.


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