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13-year-old Kadijatu Jalloh Makes Significant Progress in the Realm of STEM at the VEX Robotics Competition

Kadijatu Jalloh, a thirteen-year-old student at Beacon High School, epitomizes the strength of perseverance and the significance of female participation in STEM-related disciplines.

Without any prior experience in computer science, Jalloh has blossomed into an enthusiastic technology advocate and is now representing Sierra Leone exemplary at the VEX Robotics Competition in Dallas, Texas.

Jalloh's journey and swift improvements demonstrates the ongoing efforts to mitigate the digital gender gap and empower young women to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Her narrative serves as an inspiration to students not only in Sierra Leone but also beyond its borders and underscores the crucial role of promoting STEM education for young women.

By providing opportunities for females to cultivate their technical abilities and interests, Sierra Leone can ensure a more diverse and innovative workforce in the future.

Jalloh's story also draws attention to the ongoing efforts to bridge the digital divide for

By providing access to technology and education, Sierra Leone can empower young individuals like Jalloh to realize their full potential.


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