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2024 World Dodgeball Champions to feature Six Divisions

The 2024 World Dodgeball Championships will be held in Austria in August, making them the largest World Championships in the history of the sport. Host Dodgeball Austria is still working out the details, but teams from around the world are already planning to descend on Austria next summer to compete for gold.

The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) is the international governing body for dodgeball, and the World Championships are held every two years. The 2024 edition will feature six divisions: men's foam, women's foam, mixed foam, men's cloth, women's cloth, and mixed cloth. The WDBF is expecting over 100 teams to compete at the 2024 World Championships, making it the largest international dodgeball event ever held.

Sierra Leone has never won a medal at the World Dodgeball Championships, but with a growing dodgeball community and a number of talented players, the team will be hoping to make a mark at the 2024 event. Sierra Leone has a number of talented dodgeball players, and the team has been working hard to prepare for the 2024 World Championships.

However, Sierra Leone will face some stiff competition from the other teams at the World Championships. The United States, Canada, and Australia are all traditional dodgeball powerhouses, and teams from Europe and Asia are also becoming increasingly competitive. Despite the competition, Sierra Leone has a chance to win gold at the 2024 World Dodgeball Championships. The team has a lot of talent and potential, and they will be determined to make their country proud.


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