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30 teenagers receive Judo training

Thirty teenagers between the ages of thirteen to eighteen, have commenced a five days training in Judo, with the Budo Kai Martial Arts Club.

Judo professionally called Judo Kai is a Japanese martial form, which harnesses the spirit for self improvement.

The five-day judo training will be done at a camp in Bo, Sierra Leone with the aim of instilling the fundamentals of judo in the children.

The children will learn the basics of judo, such as throws, grappling, and ground fighting.  They will also learn the importance of discipline, respect, and self-defense.

The camp is being led by experienced judo instructors from Budo Kai Martial Arts Club who are passionate about teaching judo and have committed to providing the children with a safe and fun learning environment.

The camp will hopefully create an opportunity for children to learn about judo and to develop their physical and mental skills.

It is also an opportunity for children to make new friends and to build confidences


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