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Academic Achievement of Sierra Leonean Basketball Star Mohamed Sesay

Sierra Leonean basketball talent, Mohamed Sesay, known as "Medo Tosh," achieved a remarkable milestone by graduating while simultaneously playing professionally in the Philippines.

Sesay, a standout player for the University of Cebu Main Campus team, successfully managed the dual responsibilities of academics and athletics, demonstrating exemplary dedication and time management skills.

Expressing his gratitude to his support system of family, coaches, teachers, and peers, Sesay aims to inspire young athletes from Sierra Leone to prioritize both education and sports.

The news of Sesay's graduation has generated excitement among basketball enthusiasts in Cebu, who admire his achievements and anticipate his continued influence on aspiring players.

This achievement by the former Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas star highlights his remarkable journey in the world of basketball and solidifies his reputation as a dedicated and determined athlete.


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