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Amnesty International report alleges security sector is responsible for 26 deaths on August 10th

Amnesty International has released a report of their investigation into the incident of August 2022 which led to the death of police officers and civilians, totaling twenty six people during a three day unrest, climaxing on the 10th August.

According to Amnesty International’s report, excessive use of force by security personnel is a significant factor of the escalation into chaos and increased death toll during the three day unrest.

According to Amnesty International, interviews conducted alleged that security forces were heavy handed in their pursuit to quell the protests particularly on the third day and this led to disregard of basic human rights.

The Regional Director of Amnesty International for West and Central Africa Samira Daoud was quoted whilst recommending use of force proportionate to situations faced.

The report highlighted missing necessities in the wake of the event, which were compiled over a seven months period, including need for effective and transparent investigations into excessive use of force and killings of all persons, need for fair trials and Victims’ families not being allowed to bury loved ones.

This report has received huge condemnation from the security forces and government alike, whilst opposition has used it as a vindication for complaints made regarding the said incident.


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