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APC’s Samura Kamara addresses Political stalemate brought on by conduct & results of election

Dr. Samura M.W. Kamara, the Presidential candidate for the All Peoples Congress (APC) party in the June 24th 2023 general elections, has issued a press statement ahead of the forthcoming inter-party dialogue on the outcome of the June 24, 2023 elections. In this statement, he expressed his concerns over the political stalemate, which he stated was the result of rigged elections and the stealing of the mandate of the people of Sierra Leone.

Dr. Kamara began his statement by apologizing to Sierra Leoneans for the distress, suffering, and pain incurred and continued to endure as a result of electoral fraud. He reported that the deliberate actions of Mr. Mohamed Konneh, the Chief Electoral Commissioner, and his cohorts of the Electoral Commission, in the June 2023 elections stand as an unforgivable sin against the people of Sierra Leone. He added that Mr. Konneh had shown no regret or remorse regarding the implications of his carefully designed electoral fraud.

Dr. Kamara noted that the June 24 elections were about a secure future for Sierra Leone, choosing between democracy or a civilian junta rule. It was about determining the type of democratic governance the people wanted, where the constitution is respected by all, regardless of the status.

Dr. Kamara expressed his disappointment that the results announced by Mr. Konneh did not represent the will and true choice of the people. He said the elections were marred by massive intimidation, violence, and malpractices, but these did not dampen the voter's spirit. Adding that the APC party's choice was clear, and Sierra Leoneans had voted for a vision of hope over fear; a choice for unity over divisiveness and broken promises; a choice for decent and accountable public institutions.

He also thanked the international and local election observer missions and monitors for their work to secure credible elections.

“The APC party leadership was coherent and firmly determined to fight for the interests of the people. Citizens should deny the current regime the opportunity to validate their illegitimacy by not participating in any political processes” he added.

Dr. Kamara urged Sierra Leoneans to participate and encourage the political dialogue, which will unmask the truth before Sierra Leoneans and the rest of the world. The dialogue offers a unique opportunity for Sierra Leoneans to right the wrongs of the just concluded June 24 elections and restore their democracy, which he noted has been ruined because of the quest for power and control.

Dr. Kamara called for an independent forensic audit of polling station vote counts, which will determine the next course of action by the party. He concluded by expressing his hope that God would intervene in Sierra Leoneans' quest for peace, unity, and democracy.


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