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Army Officer shoots down armed gunman in Central Business District

An Army Officer has today 21st September 2023, in the Central business district area in Freetown, shot down infamous artist “Big Fish”, real name Mohamed Massaquoi.

According to reports narrated by witnesses, the artist had snatched a gun from a female OSD officer (paramilitary police), standing guard at the United bank of Africa, after threats and physically assaulting her.

Allegedly, he had remarked on wanting to “kill today”.

He had been chased down the streets by a few men before he commenced shooting in the air.

“Big Fish” had shot twice at a soldier in a bulletproof vest, hitting him once, with the second bullet missing both him and a bystander.

He was then shot twice in his side, killing him. He has been taken to the morgue, whilst the bystander, a female, has been taken to the hospital in shock.

It had been said in the past, that Mohamed Massaquoi was suffering from mental health issues.


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