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Basketball: Freetown Lakers win against  Archibald Red Flames 64-61 in semi-finals

Freetown Lakers won game 4 of the Western Area Basketball Association Match after defeating title contender Archibald red Flames 64-61at the Freetown Amusement Basketball Court.

Game 4 was hotly contested by the two teams , as players of both sides showcased their prowess in shooting from long distance to make basket , as the enthusiasm to make points was visibly demonstrated by the two teams in every stage of game 4.

The tourney organized by the Western Area Basketball Association (WABBA) was aimed at promoting the game and as well as developing the next generation of basketball stars.

During the Match , Emmanuel Kamara of Freetown Lakers exhibited his wonderful shooting skills that lure the spectators to keep chanting the most Valuable player all throughout the match.

Emmanuel who played with Joy as a forward for Lakers was described by his teammates as a kid who is having fun playing the best game in the World , coupled with his shooting ability to emerge as one of the best shooters in the history of WABBA. 

Emmanuel 16 , disclosed to this medium that his ardent desire is to help his team capture the Championship in the game 5 match that is expected to take centre stage anytime soon. 

He added that , he admires the playing skills of Imran Deen , who is now developing his shooting skills among other things with the NBA Africa Academy.

Red Flames will have everything to play for in game 5 , as they notably made some great moves in game 4 but could not sustain the scoring spirit to obtain maximum points.


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