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Comedian Richie Obama apologizes for erroneous remark toward Hilda, new Guinness record holder

Comedian Obama, real name Richmond Purcell Coker has tendered his apologies for a post made yesterday, relating to Hilda Baci’s cookathon, which has earned her a spot in the Guinness.

It took her a hundred hours to complete, thereby breaking her predecessors record of almost eighty eight hours.

Comedian Richie had questioned her hygiene especially pant change.

This joke has elicited public backlash from especially women rights advocates and feminists combine.

The Comedian took to the media this morning to apologize for his insensitive remark to reminded that his upbringing and cordial relationships with women will not allow him to denigrate women willfully.

He asks that he be forgiven as he tried not to repeat his error.

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Apology accepted..

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