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Congo Cross Police Division embarks on campaign to disseminate knowledge on the inherent risks of drug misuse

On March 9, 2024, the Congo Cross Division, under the leadership of Chief Superintendent of Police Ahmed Karamoh Kabba, collaborated with J'Matta Aberdeen Bridge and Adassah Foundation for Orphans and Widows to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of drug and substance abuse in the community. 

This partnership seeks to form collaborations and promote joint actions to address societal concerns between the Congo Cross Division and the Zonal Policing Partnership Committee members of J'Matta Aberdeen Bridge and Adassah Foundation for Orphans and Widows, along with Divisional LPPB, to create resources, expertise, and networks to amplify the message of prevention and intervention in combating drug and substance abuse.

By engaging various stakeholders, such as schools, local businesses, and community groups, these joint initiatives effectively emphasized the significance of early intervention, supportive systems, and fostering a drug-free environment for the overall well-being of the community. 

The combined efforts of the Congo Cross Division, J'Matta Aberdeen Bridge, and Adassah Foundation for Orphans and Widows produced positive results and were well-received within the community. 

Through the dissemination of informative materials and personal accounts, the awareness campaign successfully instilled accountability, compassion, and resilience among individuals, families, and the broader society in combating the prevalent issue of drug abuse. 

This collaborative endeavor is a laudable initiative that showcased the effectiveness of partnerships in addressing societal issues.


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