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Dr. Kandeh Yumkella breaks down his party’s alliance with SLPP

Hon. Kandeh Yumkella representing his party, the National Grand Coalition, signed an alliance with the Sierra Leone People’s party represented by President Julius Maada Bio, at the Bintumani Conference centre on Sunday 23rd April, 2023.

According to Hon. Yumkella during the launch of the alliance and on AYV Wakeup program, the alliance titled “Transformative Alliance” is predominately to ensure development and national cohesion, sorely lacking in the last decade.

According to Dr. Yumkella, the alliance prioritizes peace, stronger governance and unification, aiming to close divisions along tribal and regional lines, demonstrated by their agreement to work together for a united Sierra Leone, apart as individual parties but together based on agreement, with a common vision.

Hon. Yumkella furthered that his decision was based on his ideology of strategic alliance made public two and a half years ago, which is a belief system that only an inclusive government similar to that of late President Kabba’s, possess the possibility of succeeding, a government that the nation can accept and genuinely work with.

Dr. Yumkella stated that he had been warning of rising tensions which if left unabated could lead to catastrophic occurrences and hence his decision to collaborate now before elections to jointly map out the next agenda, starting with a joint manifesto to be presented soon.

He furthered that based on their agreement, the National Grand Coalition will not be presenting a Presidential candidate or a running mate for Vice President but his party will be presenting candidates for Council and Parliamentary elections.

He says his decision was reinforced by President Bio’s personal call for his assistance to achieve the common goal of development. He maintains that the NGC has diverse expertise capable of presenting alternatives with more lasting solutions and maintained that this prompted his setting aside of his ego and personal ambition.

He commended the SLPP administration for coping with economic challenges by absorbing global shocks and improving on revenue generation and implementing the single treasury account. He concluded that focusing on strengthening infrastructures for exporting, should be a focus to stabilize forex and thereby the economy.


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