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Ecofest indefinitely postponed due to lack of venue, says Kabaka

Owner of Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment, Lawyer Abu Bakarr Turay, has announced in a live Facebook video that the annual pan-African event EcoFest will be indefinitely postponed due to a lack of a large-capacity venue. The music executive, popularly known as Kabaka, was responding to growing queries about the festival for this year on his social media platform on Saturday, November 18.

He continued that significant losses were incurred last year in his zest for continuity, which prompted him to organize the Festival at Sierra Leone Football Association Academy’s pitch, after the large capacity Siaka Steven stadium was declared out of commission due to ongoing renovations.

In the nearly one-hour live video, he outlined his struggles since conceiving the vision of an improved entertainment industry through collective sacrifice, beginning with the start of his label five years ago. He also mentioned importing trending talents to perform on the same stages as Sierra Leonean entertainers, as a tactic which should have served as springboards for their own careers across the continent.

He fulminated against the consistent lack of support, coupled with negative back channeling, improperly constituted policies & supervisory bodies, administering based on limited understanding of the business side of the industry.

He concluded that the readiness of the entertainers themselves is questionable, given their propensity to allow politics and political issues to seep into their conduct and work.


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