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ECSL holds a Post Election Evaluation retreat on the June 24th Multi-eir Election

The Commissioner for the Election Commission for Sierra Leone Mohamed Kenewe Konneh, during the induction of their post election evaluation retreat, conducted yesterday 7th August at Galliness in Bo, remarked that his vision for the conduct of elections have always been one of relative peace, allowing the continuation of daily activities including schooling, trading and more, right through the throngs of elections itself. This he expressed, was achieved with the effort of his team.

He furthered that the level of praise from the Civil Society, foreign countries and The President can only be an act of God. He informed that there were challenges during the election especially in the Western Area both rural and urban due to the refusal of some staff to work. He urged all present to be aware that the objective is to put heads together to work on and improve the challenges they faced, building out strategies to aid improvement of the activities of commission to enhance in the next elections.

The Western Regional Commissioner Zainab Umu Moseray said that though the election was relatively peaceful, they were faced with challenges with both staff and Logistics on the day of the Election but with a little rearrangement, they were able to service those areas that were in need.

The evaluation retreat continues today, 8th August 2023, with analytic reports from regional representatives of the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone.

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