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Empress Pee returns from Pressure radio tour in Gambia

Philka Tenneh Kamara with Rapper name Empress Pee is flying high on the triumphs of her trending song Pressure.

Her recent aphrodisiacal levels comes from her short stint in Gambia where the lyricist sojourned to conduct a radio tour to promote the “pressure” song featuring Liberia’s MC Caro, a rapper of equal eloquence and fast paced swagger rapper M.I.C

Empress Pee did a five day radio tour, visited the Sierra Leone embassy in Gambia and rounded off with a last minute fan meet and greet, after fans learnt of her stay in Gambia and demanded an event with her.

Empress who returned just days ago paid a visit to the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatima Bio, along with other celebrities.

Empress, who promises a video of the Pressure song in a few weeks, is set to do a quick working visit to Liberia where she is to do performances of the song with MC Caro.


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