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Entertainer Prezo Koroma giving Prisoners a second lease on life

The CEO and Founder of the second chance foundation Ibrahim Koroma known as Prezo Koroma has officially launched his not for profit organization.

According to Prezo Koroma, the Second Chance Foundation is an initiative aimed at providing support and opportunities for inmates to reintegrate into society as productive citizens.

The Foundation is focused on providing vocational training, education, and mentorship programs to inmates, which will help them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to secure a job or start a business upon their release. As the saying goes, "we rise by lifting others", he noted is the ethos of the Second Chance Foundation.

He added that everyone deserves a second chance, and it's our duty as a society to help those who are willing to turn their lives around.

He called on the government, corporate organizations, and well-meaning individuals to support this noble cause in any way they can, pointing out that the success of the Foundation will not only impact the lives of the inmates but also the society at large, as it will help to reduce the rate of recidivism and promote a safer and more prosperous community.

Prezo Koroma who spent slightly over eight months at the Male correctional center after he was convicted for riotous conduct in connection to the aftermath of Laj's arrest, used this as his reasoning for providing rehabilitation and second chances to those who have been incarcerated. The foundation believes that everyone deserves a second chance in life, regardless of their past mistakes.

The Second Chance Foundation also collaborates with employers and organizations to create job opportunities for former inmates, as they reintegrate into society. The foundation believes that gainful employment is a crucial aspect of rehabilitation, and it is committed to helping former inmates find meaningful work that will allow them to rebuild their lives.


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