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Ethiopia and Sierra Leone draw in 2026 World Cup qualifier

Ethiopia and Sierra Leone played to a goalless draw in their 2026 FIFA World Cup Africa Qualifiers match in Morocco on Wednesday. The match was a close contest, with both teams creating chances but failing to score.

Ethiopia had the better of the first half, but Sierra Leone came into the game in the second half and had their own chances to win. In the end, both teams had to settle for a point. Ethiopia coach Haile Gebremedhin said, "I am not disappointed with the result. We played against a very good team and we had our chances to win the game. We will take this point and move on to the next game."

Sierra Leone coach Amidu Karim said, "I am very proud of my players. They played their hearts out and they were very unlucky not to win the game. We are still in the race to qualify for the World Cup and we will fight until the very end."

Ethiopia will play host to Burkina Faso on November 21, while Sierra Leone will play Egypt in Liberia on November 19.

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