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FC Kallon Held to 1-1 Draw by Wilberforce Strikers in Leone Rock Premier League

In the recent encounter of the Leone Rock Premier League, FC Kallon was constrained to accept a solitary point on their home ground, as Wilberforce Strikers displayed remarkable resolve, securing a commendable 1-1 draw.

FC Kallon initiated the scoring through the deft efforts of San Komba Sylla, who demonstrated exceptional skill and precision. However, Wilberforce Strikers demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience, as Santhawahaj Bangura delivered an extraordinary performance, netting the equalizer and earning the prestigious Man of the Match accolade for his outstanding efforts.

As a consequence of this outcome, FC Kallon maintains its position within the top four teams in the league standings, while Wilberforce Strikers retains its aspirations of securing a coveted top four spot.


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