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FC Kallon's Female Team Winger AnnMarie Conteh Welcomes New Baby

The accomplished winger AnnMarie Conteh of FC Kallon has recently welcomed a new addition to her family. This momentous event serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment and dedication to both her athletic career and her personal life, showcasing her ability to excel in multiple facets of her existence.

Renowned for her exceptional ball handling skills and incisive playmaking abilities, Conteh has established herself as a cornerstone of Sierra Leone's burgeoning women's football landscape. Her tireless work ethic and unwavering determination have made her a formidable force on the pitch, captivating audiences with her thrilling performances and invaluable contributions to her team's success.

This significant milestone marks a new chapter in Conteh's life, as she embarks on the journey of parenthood while continuing to pursue her passion for the beautiful game. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to AnnMarie as she navigates this exciting new phase, confident that she will continue to serve as an inspirational figure both on and off the field.


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