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Feminist and Rights Champion Naffie Mustapha narrates how society’s lies almost crushed her future

25-year-old Eunice Nafisatu Mustapha, a Feminist and Rights Activist has taken to social media to share how lies from stakeholders uttered directly to her almost ruined an opportunity of cementing her future.

The young woman who has shared in the past her wins and aspirations before and whilst undertaking them, decided to share a moment of struggle.

Miss Mustapha who graduated amongst the top of her class of Law students and was immediately offered an Internship at Marah and Associates in 2022, a top law firm, had been accepted to pursue her Masters at Georgetown University. However she was financially incapable of doing so.

Miss Mustapha who is an Author of a book on challenges teenage girls face “Girlz Planete: Teenage Pregnancy”, a former Fourah Bay College student body Presidential candidate, magazine publisher, Founder of a rights group “Strong girls evolution” , two times recipient of the “50 most influential women” award, and a former Head Girl of the Annie Walsh Memorial School had struck out.

She narrated how no one helped.

She furthered that promises were heaped on themselves but no one fulfilled, despite all her connections.

Miss Mustapha revealed that she had to resort to a loan which only provided 5% to start her off on her Master’s journey.

She mentioned that an added 10% of the fund was rallied by about eleven people to pursue her goal.

She concluded with a message to young people to take charge of their story as she did hers to overcome society’s hurdles.

She later shared that she has graduated and now holds a Masters of Laws in National and Global health from Georgetown University Law Centre.


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