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Football for Schools Initiative Launched in Sierra Leone to Nurture Future Stars

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has collaborated with FIFA, the Ministry of Sport, and the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education to introduce the "Football for Schools" program. This significant initiative aims to foster passion for football at the grassroots level and cultivate future talents.

The program was officially launched at the Wusum Field in Makeni, where Antonio Buenand Sanches, FIFA's Football for Schools Manager, led a training session. Over 50 Physical Education (PE) educators and eager pupils participated in this educational session.

Harold Nat Johnson, Vice President 1 of SLFA, commended the program's focus on training PE educators. By incorporating football techniques and knowledge into their curriculum, educators play a crucial role in nurturing young talents and fostering their potential.

Mohamed Benson Bawoh, Acting Secretary General of SLFA, highlighted the program's inclusive nature. Targeting schools and offering opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds, the initiative aims to create a level playing field for all.

Furthermore, Bawoh emphasized the program's sustainable approach. By establishing a solid foundation, the program aims to produce future football stars and enhance the overall sporting prowess of Sierra Leone's national teams.

Antonio Buenand Sanches, FIFA Football for Schools Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the program. He believes it presents an exceptional opportunity to ignite a passion for football among the youth of Sierra Leone and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.

Augusta James Teima, Minister of Sport, lauded the SLFA's commitment to grassroots football development. She firmly believes that under the astute leadership of SLFA Prexy Thomas Daddy Brima, this program will leave a lasting legacy of growth and progress.

Additionally, Teima emphasized the potential of the program to transform the lives of numerous boys and girls, contributing significantly to Sierra Leone's sporting future.


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